January 24, 2021

Fund Raising Evolution for Miracle League of Pensacola

3rd Annual Car Show

We are pleased to announce our 3rd Annual Miracle League Classic Car, Truck &Bike Show.  We are stretching our goals to increase show participation, attendance, awards, gifts, sponsorship, awareness and accumulated funds in direct support The Miracle League of Pensacola.

Anticipation and excitement is growing as we come together to observe the history in the machinery on display.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Please pass the word to family and friends to help us get the word out.  Bring your machinery to display in the show and share in our family oriented display.

We accept donations to help us support the efforts of the Miracle League of Pensacola and all efforts involved.

100% of all funds raised is provided to the Miracle League.  We are an all volunteer force trying to make a difference in the lives of those with challenges to obtain dreams and goals that are not normally provided to them.


MLCarshow Staff


Credit Photo to Gregg Pachkowski/gregg@pnj.com

Ride for Miracles "Bike Ride"

Share with Family and Friends.  Lets Ride for Miracle and show the spirit of the riders and the willingness to help bring awareness to those with physical and cognitive challenges in life.  You Can make a difference.  I will see you there.  MLCarshow.org   #MLCarshow    MiracleLeaguePensacola.org

Valve Cover Races


Entry Fee:  $10.00 (Registration only the day of)

Valve Cover Races

Saturday October 19, 2019



  1. Small Block Chevy / Ford / Mopar or similar size valve covers only
  2. Gravity race: No propulsion of ANY kind!
  3. Max Weight: 8 lbs.  Official scales at race site prevail
  4. Max Width: 10 inches (measured outer tire to outer tire edge)
  5. Max Tire Diameter: 4 inches
  6. Max number of tires per vehicle: 4
  7. Tires shall NOT exceed beyond the length of the actual valve cover
  8. Weights must be affixed…. No moving parts except for wheel rotation…No liquid filled weights
  9. No Glass to be used on any valve cover race car
  • No Cheating… This is intended to be a fun and exciting event
  • Trophies Awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
  • Plaque: Awarded to “Most Imaginative Valve Cover Race Car”


  1. Race track is 8 feet long and elevated to approximately 5 feet at one end
  2. Competition is for the FARTHEST distance the valve cover racer rolls
  3. Each competitor gets to roll twice, with the furthest roll entered for the competition
  4. There will be two segments, each competitor will roll once, they will then have time to adjust their race car before the second segment.
  5. Use your imagination for building your race car
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen! START YOUR GRAVITY and lets have some fun


Yard Sale

Come one come all.  During our Annual Car Show, we have decided to evolve in order to attract more of the community to come and share our good time.  We have decided to include a Yard Sale into the mix.  All items have been donated and will be sold to help raise funds for the Miracle League of Pensacola.  Remember, we are doing this for charity.  Come on out and have a great time as a community.