February 20, 2019

Fund Raising Evolution for Miracle League of Pensacola

Spotlight Sponsor “Cox”

We wanted to take a few moments to recognize one of our major sponsors for the 2nd Annual Car/Truck/Bike Show.  Cox Communications.  We have had very strong support from Cox from the very beginning.  Cam has researched the our show and the purpose behind the show and has made a commitment to our cause.  In […]


New Bike Ride Challenge (Ride for Miracle League)

With our 2nd Annual Car/Truck/Bike Show, we have increased our activity to include a scheduled Bike Ride to unite different Bike Clubs and individuals to come together for a worthy cause.  A challenge has been issued to see how many different clubs and individuals will participate.  Collectively: – What is the most popular bike that […]


Bike Ride Scheduled for Show Day

CHALLENGE IS SET FOR ALL MOTORCYCLE RIDERS AND GROUPS!!!  Come join our ride on 13 Oct 2018 to see how large of a presence we can obtain.  An award will be provided to the largest group to show for the ride.  Call your buddies, families and friends to see who the largest presence will be.  […]


Rain Date Available

Our 2nd Annual Car/Truck/Bike Show has been considered and agreed that there will be an alternate date in the event of inclement weather.  Our goal is to ensure that we provide our participants and guests awareness that an alternate date will be provided as needed to ensure the show moves forward.  If inclement weather does […]


2nd Annual Miracle League Car / Truck / Bike Show

We are pleased to announce our 2nd Annual Miracle League Car, Truck and Bike Show.  Following our successful  1st Annual show, we are stepping up our game.  We are stretching our goals to increase show participation, attendance, awards, gifts, sponsorship, awareness and accumulated funds in direct support The Miracle League of Pensacola. Anticipation and excitement […]


1st Annual Car Truck Bike Show Pictures

I have posted the pictures from our 1st Annual Car/Truck/Bike Show.  I attempted to break them down per vehicle.  Although I need to revisit to better highlight each individual entry. If I have enough time, I would like to add more details to include owner name and maybe a brief description of their entries (with […]