April 19, 2019

Fund Raising Evolution for Miracle League of Pensacola

With our 2nd Annual Car/Truck/Bike Show, we have increased our activity to include a scheduled Bike Ride to unite different Bike Clubs and individuals to come together for a worthy cause.  A challenge has been issued to see how many different clubs and individuals will participate.  Collectively:

– What is the most popular bike that the participants have included into the Ride for Miracle League?
– Which club will have the largest showing?
– How many entrants will come together for the Ride for Miracle League?
– Is there an individual or club who went above and beyond to solicit riders to join Ride for Miracle League?
– How many custom or unique bikes will participate?

I CHALLENGE ALL Bike Groups, Local Bike Retailers, Individual Riders, Enthusiasts and Bystanders to pass the word to support our efforts in “Ride for Miracle League. We need to bring awareness to those with Cognitive and Physical Challenges in life and work toward providing them with opportunities they are not normally afforded. We are looking to include local media outlets (Television and Radio) for the full event highlights. My goal is to exemplify the efforts of our Motorcycle Riders coming together and riding for an honorable and just cause.

Will you or your group/club stand up and show your support to give back to your community?



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