April 19, 2019

Fund Raising Evolution for Miracle League of Pensacola

CHALLENGE IS SET FOR ALL MOTORCYCLE RIDERS AND GROUPS!!!  Come join our ride on 13 Oct 2018 to see how large of a presence we can obtain.  An award will be provided to the largest group to show for the ride.  Call your buddies, families and friends to see who the largest presence will be.  We are seeking to include news media for the Bike Ride and Carshow.  Which Make Your Group The Best In Show!!

A Special Thanks to the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group (IMRG) Pensacola Chapter 1947  and IMRG Panama City Beach Chapter 2031 for helping put this together and participating.  There is a challenge to all Motorcycle Riders to see how many groups and individuals can come together to represent in this ride.  Are you up for the Challenge to participate?  

The route is currently being scheduled and we are expecting it to be a 50 mile ride the ride to take approx one hour to complete on the day of the carshow (13 Oct 2017).  The price of the ride will be $20 per rider with additional $10 for passengers. This ride is an important part of the show and we look forward to continuing it as a tradition for years to come.n  As always thank you for your interest, participation and setting the example for all to emulate


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